Friday, June 24, 2016

Three happy things

I m busy these evenings making myself some crocheted sockettes. I m not sure what they are called but they aren't full socks or ankle socks either. I wear them in the house . I love making them .i am calling it operation sock drawer , in the aim that I will one day have a bottom sock drawer filled with them , well a girl can dream, can't see? 
For years I make mood boards for my designs almost anything can trigger me . This one was the rubber duck that belongs to my little man . He loves his rubber ducks . Off I go around the house looking for things to add to the yellow mood board . Hooks , pen, lemon ,blooms washi tape , scissors Shall I tell you something I ended up designing something not in yellow but I loved the bit of blue felt and I went to my stash to find the perfect skein. As I said inspiration comes in ways you least expect.
I love Regent's Park and I often visit in the warmer months to look at the glorious riot of colour  that they plant. It's like a sea of roses in the most beautiful shades. I could spend all day taking photos and smelling the delicate fragrance that is simply roses. What's your favourite rose..?
Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by.


  1. Your socks are wonderful, I hope you get that drawer filled up with lovely socks soon.

  2. I loved the socks, the pattern is wonderful and perfect for the house.

  3. Such beautiful socks! Ideal for keeping toes cosy in the house. A drawer full will be wonderful!

  4. Lovely colourful socks.
    I do love roses and those with a beautiful scent are the best.

  5. Hello Helda,

    Love the zesty socks, and all your colour inspiration! :)

    Ingrid xx

  6. I love the sockettes. Gorgeous color as well.