Monday, February 08, 2016

Diamond in a square

I can not quite believe it is February .Once again time keeps flying by. I am so busy . I am struggling to keep to my plans. I have had to start  yet another notebook  in order to help me prioritise. Designing, looking after my home, shopping and trying to find a moment to  simply be, is getting harder and harder.  All I an say is thank goodness I can crochet during these moments of stressful living
At times like these I always like to play around with different granny squares .I do love granny squares they can be as easy or as complicated as you like. They are a small project I can commit to. They don't make me feel any guilt that I ought to be doing something more important. Hopefully one day I will fulfil my dream of sewing them all together to create a comprehensive crochet stitch dictionary blanket.
 I came up with this diamond in a square. I used  4ply crochet cotton a 3.5mm hook. Sometimes it can be intriguing to go to your yarn stash and pick colours that you would not normally put together. I must say I rather like this combination. I like coral but whenever I make something with it I always seem to unravel it ,somehow the tones just don't suit me, or they simply don't fit into my home.

I am joining in with Jennifer's linky party. Please do check out all the wonderful projects others are making. Thank you Jennifer for hosting it.




  1. It is a really lovely block isn't it! xx

  2. That's so pretty. Squares are great to make if you're short of time and as you say, they can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be. I think a blanket made from lots of different squares would look lovely.

  3. Hi Helda, thank you for joining in with my link party. This is a very pretty square. I'm glad you are finding time to relax and enjoy your hobbies when life is so busy. Hope you're having a good week so far, take care.

  4. Finding a moment to just be is so difficult. I have a really hard time making that time, however small a priority for myself. Love your squares.

  5. That is very pretty and I like the colour combination. I need to do some more crochet, I have been knitting a pair of socks for ever and every time I pick them up I never seem to get any further forward.

  6. This is a pretty block, I love the idea of the diamond in the square and this would look great as a blanket :)

  7. Nice diamond in square block, I like your colours they would be prefect for Valentines :)

  8. I like your color combination, very pretty. I'm am trying to mix up the colors on my granny square blanket. It has been fun to try different colors together.

  9. I like making granny squares as well. And your post is inspiring me to be more adventurous and try new ones.