Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Are you a craft hoarder?

I have been  buying ,'collecting' yarn for years , others might call it obsessively hoarding , (That is what my family think) . Secretly, I agree when you start hiding yarn  you have a problem. However, I would never admit this. In fact I think I might just delete this paragraph , if  I didn't say it, write it then  it isn't true, don't you agree? . Anyway, hoarder, collector , squirrel , whatever you want to call me I will invariably not find that perfect skein/ ball for my projects .

One of my favourite blogs is  Mereknits blog .This lady knits so fast I'm always blown away by her fantastic super fast fingers .She made a zickzack scarf .I have had this stunning scarf in my list over on Ravelry forever. So I opened the  six floor to ceiling wool /yarn cupboards and believe me I searched for three days and every ball of yarn I pulled out was yes, you guessed it, not quite right. I swear I tried really really hard to find the perfect skein but it was too no avail. What was this girl to do ?? buy some more yarn of course. Mereknits, it is all your fault, hehe.

I ordered the suggested yarn from here  ,please be warned  don't visit here  if you are on yarn diet or you are a hoarder or you are trying to 'bust that stash' ,they are on sale and they deliver really quickly.

After this blog post I have unravelled this piece as I can not ignore my mistakes. , why does the phone ring, or why does the Mr or girls ask me a question whenever I tell them I'm off to knit and I don't want to be disturbed ? as you are all aware  knitting is a bugger to unravel, I know that's why I prefer to crochet , mistakes are so easily rectified.
I love the way this piece develops .I am so eager to see the colours unfold . I am a sucker for patterns that produce complicated looking pieces of art work but are in  actual fact a very pattern repeat. Bravo , to the wonderful designer.
So the question remains ,are you a hoarder?


  1. I am trying not to be a hoarder! I can see how it happens though... Your scarf will be beautiful! xx

  2. I prefer the word collector, I am a collector of fine yarn, just like faine wine. Love your new yarn and thank you for the shout out to my blog.

  3. Your scarf's looking lovely, beautiful colours. Yes, I'm a hoarder with lots of things, not just crafts. I'm being good though and sorting through cupboards, I'm being quite ruthless about it. I even sorted out my yarn stash at the weekend.

  4. I too prefer to be called an avid collector rather than a hoarder. The only problems is I have far too many collections, patterns been one of the biggest.

  5. I love the colours and I like to think I'm on the boarder between a collector and a hoarder,

  6. Oh yes, I confess I hoard yarn too. Oppps! I am trying to use some of my stash up this year though. Fingers crossed!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds