Monday, February 23, 2015

Inside Crochet issue 62

 It seems in life you must have some bitter parts that then allow you to appreciate the sweet. That's a bit how I feel about learning to crochet .I learnt to crochet whilst battling illness. I had a stroke which resulting in paralysis of my left side .It suddenly meant my knitting was something I couldn't do. It devastated my live , I know that sounds dramatic but I  have always knitted and the thought of never playing with my beloved yarn was something I was not prepared for. My best friend suggested I come to her knitting and crochet class and learn to crochet. I enrolled and the rest as they say is history.
So there is my bitter sweet pill. If I had not had the stroke I know I wouldn't have put down my knitting needles ,which means I would never have fallen in love with crochet . I would never have set up my crochet group .A group that has made me meet some wonderful people over the years. I would never have learnt that I have patience to teach others and the patience it takes to design .The design process is very lengthy. inspired by Harris tweed and their wonderful duotone textile patterns.

This is my latest design, The Houndstooth Scarf .It is inspired by Harris tweed and their wonderful duotone textile patterns. We are all familiar with the classis black and white  I decided to make it in red.
 It is a very simply pattern and the two yarns are carried throughout the scarf and swapped at every row resulting in a very thick fabric. Perfect for those cold months

My love of pom poms and my  clover pompom makers (I have three sizes I really like pompoms and firmly believe everything looks great with a pom pom) lead to this lovely crocheted pompom edging .
It is a great unisex piece minus the pom pom edging if you are my Mr.



  1. I loved this post Helda and what inspiration to others. I didn't know about your stroke before and I'm sorry to hear about it. Your scarf design is wonderful and how lovely it is featured in the magazine. As a fairly new crocheter I can't imagine tackling this, although you say it is quite easy. Have a good week. P x

  2. The scarf is really lovely and the colours perfect, very bright and cheery.
    Your post is very inspiring and shows people that following a stroke there is a positive way forward. Lives might not get back to exactly how they were but new doors open and new challenges greet you that you may not have ever considered.
    You have definitely encouraged me to pick up a hook and crochet.

  3. You are right. It is amazing that there is this one bad things and all of these good things come springing from it. Pretty wonderful. I hope that great things will be springing in yours and your families life soon! xx

  4. Dear Helda! I just went to England and picked up my copy (i got a subscription) and I noticed your name next to the design!!! It is lovely that you can share your gift with all of us! Sorry to hear about your stroke! You are an inspiration!!!
    Ingrid xx

  5. You can never tell life's plan for you. Sorry to hear about your difficult journey, I hope things look up very soon.

  6. Your scarf is really beautiful, like all your patterns. It is amazing how life leads us down pathways we didn't plan for or expect. I am so glad that something so good came from your illness. What an inspiration!
    Helen xox

  7. Nicely done ... what a great design. And an inspiring story.

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