Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Falling in Love

 We all have those balls of yarn we buy that we have no idea what we will make .I simply cannot help buying yarn I have hundreds of balls(I kid you not) staring back at me .The above picture is what I bought on day one of the wonderful Knit Nation 2012 . I spent more the second day.
 I'm sure you are aware that yarn speaks to us.
 You know how it is you open the yarn cupboards( yes, I have more than one) and each and every ball  tells you a story. The trips around Britain where you always happen to find a yarn shop. The yarn shows. The holidays to Belgium, France, Spain, Italy ,Portugal, America oh my goodness America was so bad I had to send the yarn home in a parcel. I paid such a lot in tax duty, all because I have to have that yarn.  
 Every ball was destined to be something I had such high hopes for each and every skein. A neck warmer ,  baby booties, cardigans , socks the list is endless. They talk, they try to get your attention., I'm not very faithful I love them and leave them haha. So with that in mind, I have decided to try and fall in love with the yarn in my cupboard .

 I have loved  this  pattern for awhile. I had planned on making a blanket but I can't commit to such a large project at the moment .So far I have used  two balls of  Drops delight shade 1199 multi-coloured)  and two balls of Drops alpaca .7120 a light greyish green.Just a simple scarf that looks as though I have selected lots of colours.I think it is very Missoni- esque .  I think is so effective. The green yarn is the perfect compliment for the multi pink .So go on ,venture into your yarn box and lets fall in love with the stuff you already have together.
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  1. Loving these colours and especially the combination of them. I wish I could spend some time amongst your stash it sounds like a great collection. I have a fair bit but nothing to write home about. In answer to your question yes you can use any nut butter I'm sure it will work just as well. Hope you enjoy it!! Much love xxx

  2. These colors are really pretty together. I would love to see more of your stash sometime!

  3. beautiful colours!!!!Yes and Yes I admit to being a Yarn addict!!! I would probably take one look at that lovely stash of yarn you've got and want it for my own. It is the weirdest of feelings, you know! I am dying to use my yarn (and I have loads) but when I see spaces....large gapping holes in my rows of yarn I feel bad about using it!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. I have fallen in love - with that beautiful baktus on your page - sadly I do not have any of that yarn in my existing stash! So the plan has failed because now I have to go and buy more yarn!!

  5. Oh you're so right. Some people collect fridge magnets or postcards from wherever they travel. I collect balls of wool too!
    The drops yarn is lovely to use, I'm a great fan and the Eskimo yarn I'm using now is so soft. However, I noticed after I'd started knitting it up that it is hand wash only and I am making a baby blanket. My daughter in law, who I love immensely doesn't do hand washing so, oh deary me!!!!

  6. Beautiful harmony of colors...
    Thanks for the visit !

  7. Oh my goodness what a lot of yarn. That stitch pattern looks really good, great texture. Thanks for visiting my blog. Jo x

  8. Oh my goodness what a lot of yarn. That stitch pattern looks really good, great texture. Thanks for visiting my blog. Jo x

  9. Beautiful colours and love the look of that scarf. Thanks for linking up.
    Marianne x

  10. Beautiful yarn and colours! x

  11. Love the colour combination. I smiled when you mentioned America, I was exactly the same my carry on bag was full of yarn coming back.

  12. Looking at all that gorgeous yarn make me want to jump in the car and head for the yarn store. The colors are so beautiful, hope you have a wonderful day,