Saturday, February 08, 2014

"2013 reading list

I adore reading .I was asked by brother how many I read in 2013? In all my years reads of reading I never thought to note what I had read but why not?

 I've read 160 books in 2013. However that does include the 30 cookbooks I bought and read from cover to cover, do cookbooks count as reading ? I do so often lie in bed with a pile of food porn, Nigel slater, Nigella, Simon Hopkinson oh these guys write it all so sexily, ha ha.
160 my goodness that's a lot, however, I know I would definitely read more but I am getting more and more distracted by your lovely blogs or articles on the Internet and of course Pinterest.

 I have always considered myself a fiction-only reader and it was a surprise to note that I've actually read 43 non-fiction books, Most of those are related to creating a  business , bookkeeping or being happy and the 5;2 diet, so not exactly weighty intellectual tomes but that's not what I look for in a book nowadays.

 I did try and choose a "Book of the Year" but found it too hard.

I love a book that makes reading enjoyable. I love the natural way of telling the story that draws you in and this series of books by Leigh Russell did just that. It had the quality that some books lack and that is the craving to get back to it. I have never really enjoyed the 'who dunnit' genre and have always steered clear from it but this lady has opened my mind .Very easy to read unputdownable book.

 Other books I've read - usually those which I've picked up somewhat randomly from the kindle library - have proved to be absolutely forgettable. This seems a shame when there are so many wonderful books out there waiting to be read but I still feel it is always worth taking a chance on unknown authors.

One book I really recommend is this

 If your son-in-law murdered your daughter in front of their children, could you forgive him and let him see his children again when he comes out of prison? This is the dilemma of this story. Beautifully told and not all is what it seems! This is a fabulous read.

This is also  a wonderful story that entertains and disquiets in equal measure. It is about a man, just retired, who sets out to walk from Devon to Berwick on Tweed after receiving a letter from an old work colleague. The colleague, Queenie, is dying of cancer. Harold pens a quick reply and sets off to post it, but somehow the posting of this letter seems inadequate. He decides instead to walk the 500 odd miles to Berwick, taking us with him. A pilgrim of faith becomes a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness and reconciliation. It's a powerful novel that portrays the strengths and frailties of the human condition and our need to love and be loved. It's slow in the beginning but persevere, the pace picks up and you won't be able to put it down. It's well worth reading

 I've really enjoyed this small project, so much so that I think I'll continue to record the books of 2014. It's exciting to think of all those books waiting for me. I hope this new year brings you some wonderful reading too. What are you reading.


  1. Reading anything counts, I love to read and am currently reading The Goldfinch, but it has lost a bit of its luster in the middle, I will see it to the end.

  2. I have spates where I read book after book and then a time when I read nothing. I'm at that stage now.
    I have however read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and really enjoyed it too.

  3. Wow that is a serious number of books to be reading in one year and here was me thinking that I achieved a brilliant result of reading a book a month. I must add that I do read many other books like cookery books, books on health and wellbeing and many other books. I think like you I have always preferred non fiction books, but I am also slowly getting into the fiction groove. I have also read the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, but will look into your other suggestion. I am still reading about sugar and it seems it might be my topic for the year as there are heaps written about it. xoxo

  4. I am so impressed by the number of books you read in 2013! I read a very un impressive 3 books last year! Terrible. This year, I plan to read a lot more and we have even started a book group at work. Thank you for the recommendations both of those books really good.
    Marianne x

  5. Gosh that was a lot of books. I read a lot but quite often I'll get half way through a novel and decide I don't like it and start on another. I do sometimes have a few books on the go at once :)

  6. I love reading but once I start I cannot stop and I get nothing else done!

  7. I am reading Gossip from the Forest ... a non-fiction book about our fairytale's roots in the wild woods. Funnily enough I just posted about it today :)

  8. I read - no - fell into the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and devoured the words. A lot of the areas mentioned in the book I had been to over the years and I could visualise the countryside as he walked through it