Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Breathe deeply ,dont scream

Things at my HQ are not running smoothly, some very negative energy is winding its way through  my home.I'm trying to BREATHE and take things easy. Smell the roses and be thankful for small things. But recently ,I am finding it so very difficult
 I recently passed my driving test ,bought a new car .I have been very nervous about being on the road without my trusted driving instructor but I have paid for extra tuition and I was beginning to feel a little better ,except, that is for parking. I'm totally freaked out about the whole parking process. I live in central London where parking is very tight .I loathe it and it has reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. It was after one of these lessons I came home and parked I was so happy as normally I have to get help from the Mr to do my parking .But, I did it and went home smiling like the cat that got the cream.
Next morning I go to my car and what do you know someone has backed into my bumper and damaged it .They drove off. I have fully comprehensive insurance.The damage estimate is  £200.I am over it as everyone said these things happens. I put it behind me.
Next morning, I kid you not, the next blooming morning my car has been broken into, nothing was taken it was just ransacked. Can you believe it????????? Police called they said as no damage was done no point in reporting it. They said unfortunately   a car is broken into every minute and left in worse condition than mine and I should consider myself lucky. LUCKY.
Oh my giddy aunt I can't tell you how I feel .All I keep saying to myself is BREATHE. So I will breathe deeply and try to feel I am lucky but god, it is very hard



  1. Poor you I do hope your week improves x

  2. Oh no. Not a great start to the year - but hopefully all the rotten stuff is out of the way early on, and it will improve soon. x

    (PS - I hate parking too!)

  3. Oh dear love, this is an awful series of events. But never fear, BREATHE, breathe, breathe and move along swiftly - it will all get better soon...promise xx

  4. Oh dear, I am SO sorry that you are having such a grotty time. I hope that it gets better. I remember being very nervous when I learned to drive years ago, but it does get better. Hard to imagine I know, but it does. Sorry too about the horrid incidents, some people are so inconsiderate. I hope that you get things sorted out soon. Keep going! Well done you for taking lessons and passing your test - remember, that is a great achievement!! xx

  5. How awful for you! It is hard to rise above it, but however hard - you must. Fingers crossed that something nice happens to you soon which will make you smile.
    Hopefully the next car that those people ransack will be covered in super glue!
    Got "em!!
    (I did leave a reply on my blog to your questions, hope you see it. )

  6. Oh your poor girl! What a dreadful series of events. But you can always find a silver lining. You passed your test and you have a car!
    Don't let things get the beter of you. It will get easier with time. All things do!

  7. Oh my goodness. I would be feeling pretty down too. You're right, the best thing to do is breathe and try to move on. I wish you a peaceful mindset.

  8. How very annoying and what bad luck!!
    It has just got to get better from now on ...positive thinking!! Difficult I know but turn to your crochet that always makes things better for me :-)

    Congratulations though you have passed your test!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  9. Oh no! When it rains it pours! Bad, bad karma to those who damaged your car, they will the meantime, console yourself with some creative time, recharge those weary batteries, and buy a big bunch of flowers. It will get better! Chrissie x

  10. Oh that's awful for you and I would be reeling too. Fancy that silly policeman saying that to you - it doesn't matter how many have been broken into - it's YOUR car and he should have been more sympathetic. I've been driving for 45 years and I STILL don't like parking and as for London - well I just leave that to him indoors as I wouldn't have the confidence. Congratulations on passing your test though. Well done. x

  11. Keep your chin up, things will improve and you'll back and be grateful that nothing worse happened. Safety is the most important with regards to these issues, so no worries. Breathe, and the parking will happen with practice.

    Take care!

    PS: Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog today!

  12. Hello lovely, I am so sorry I am only now getting round to reading this dreadful news!! You should be angry that is perfectly normal and no you were not lucky at all. The bottom line is that yes these things do happen to most of us at some point of our lives, but it doesn't mean it makes it all ok. Sometimes I think it is good to feel the emotions we are suppose to feel. There is nothing you can do about it and it is always the one thing that gets me through it once I have blown off steam. Having a car can be a real pain in the jax and it comes with so many responsibilities and expenses, but it also gives a Great deal of freedom. It seems that you have been so unlucky honey and I am really sorry for you!! I am sure over time you will muster the parking, it's the one thing I am really good at, but only cos my dad took me for three full days and gave me hell to get it right, I still remember it like yesterday. It's not an easy thing to get right and it is most certainly not an easy thing to get right in London. I hope that you are feeling a little better by now?? Sending you a big hug and wishes for a better week and much better February. Much love xoxo