Monday, January 27, 2014

Blankets soothe the soul.

Love the colours of these jelly beans
                                                 My  favourite stash of cotton
                                            Don't these colours looks superb

Blog land is a wonderful place to be, it is a place filled with such interesting ,inspirational people. Whenever I feel a bit sad/unmotivated/grumpy  I  sit in my comfy corner, find the right blanket and I enter crochet blankets into my search engine and I m so happy.

Ohh blankets mystical magically things   .I have quite a few and each holds different feelings crocheted within, so it has to be the right one. .Each one has different powers.One is perfect for the little one when tummy ache strikes, as they got older one blanket soothes examination troubles. I have a magic blanket that soothes the heart. One that helps the Mr when his back is aching

One blanket was made whilst i was recuperating from a big operation. It s a mismatch of colours my wildest blanket yet as I was crocheting whilst on the strong painkillers. I have a love hate relationship with this blanket ,hate, because I know it was made whilst I was ill and I felt so powerless , love, because it was made with caution thrown to the wind and colours where pulled at random .This is harder that it seems as you constantly question if it works.

I am  always left feeling ever so slightly bereft once a blanket is complete, it's always a bit sad when a happy, productive, satisfying project comes to a close. It's just as well I have so many new ideas, jostling for my attention, waiting to be chosen.

So I am  sure you can see I now  need of  make another blanket, what are you making????


  1. I too have a love for blankets...
    I love making them and using them, they are so comforting!

  2. I love blankets, crochet or otherwise, but I am sooooo in love with the crochet blanket!! There is something about them that is just right, perhaps it is because we crochet our love into every stitch! xx

  3. I agree. I started a blanket recently but I'm not enjoying it all that much so I think it must be time to start another one! :)

  4. Love your stash of wools :)) so bright and cheerful, I used to crochet blankets years ago, in fact I still have one made many moons ago :)) I loved making the little baby ones for my babies :) just keep doing what you love and brings pleasure and happiness to your heart.

  5. I love the colours of my crochet blanket, it is special because it's only the second thing I've ever crocheted.

  6. I too share your love of crochet blankets! I have just started another actually, very naughty, even though I have one already in progress. I agree with you all you said about the power of blankets too, my wee girl loves to cuddle up with one of mine when she feels tired or under the weather. I love your stash of cottons, so bright and cheery.
    Marianne x

  7. Yes there are so many gorgeous blankets out there that are just so inspirational. One could spend hours on pinterest or ravelry. I have a few planned for the next couple of years, I am currently working on my Spring throw and then after that I might take a break from blankets and do something else like a shawl, but I suspect another blanket will be calling again soon after. Love your colours. Enjoy your weekend lovely xoxo