Monday, October 14, 2013

Crochet Baktus

One of my most popular free pattern over in ravelry is my Crochet Baktus, scarf. It is my version of an extremely popular and ingenious knitted scarf that was all over Norwegian blogs a couple of years ago.
The theory of the project is brilliant and simple. Beginning with only a few stitches, you increase evenly at only one side of the knitting in our case, crocheting until you have used half your allotted yarn.From there, you decrease evenly at the same side until your yarn is gone. Voila! You have a very wide, short triangle that forms a wonderful scarf or shawlette and looks endlessly chic and fashionable, especially in stripes or different stitch patterns.

 I decided to do the same in crochet. I wrote this pattern years ago and it is on ravelry but strangely , I have read through all my posts and it seems I neglected to post the details of this pattern on my blog. As with all my patterns it is very easy  .I think this pattern really lets the yarn shine through . 
This pattern was brought to my attention recently when the fabulous Karin posted this wonderful pattern for her shawl edging  using my crochet baktus pattern as the base
 Isn't it wonderful? If you use google translate you can work out Karin's pattern for her edging .I think it frames the shawl perfectly
This has made me realise I have just found the perfect go to quick and easy pattern for those last minute Xmas gifts all I have to do is made the base,  and ring the changes with different borders. So thank you Karin for the great idea.
Ohh, if you fancy making it , the free pattern is at the side of my blog.



  1. I really like the scarf and the colours so warming!
    I like the idea of that lovely border too!

  2. Fab scarf Helga, I love the colours, just perfect for this time of the year. What a lovely creation, well done you! xoxo

  3. It's really beautiful! :) x

  4. Hi,that was a big plesure reading your comment in my blog.Than you!My favorit scarf is Bactus , I have four in different colours and I made a lot for friends. I love to make it, but never tried chrochet version. I do not know why, but i will try it soon, there are plenty of way about edging.I am lookig forward for your next.

  5. Oh sorry but I made a couple of mistakes in my text. I am not very good in writing English.

  6. I love this scarf. I've seen lots of the knitted ones and never thought it could be crocheted too.

  7. Hi Helda!
    Thank you so much for the compliments and paying attention to my shawl!

  8. The scarf is great crocheted. This was the first item I's got a few mistakes in it but I'm still proud of my first effort. Now if only I could crochet :)Maybe that's a challenge for 2014?
    Great colours!

  9. I love colors, mixed, varied and contrasting. This work has a beautiful colored enchants me.