Sunday, September 01, 2013

Inside Crochet Issue 44 Friendship bracelets

Reasons to be happy 2.
Im a very lucky girl . This is my second pattern published in this month's Inside Crochet.I design items months before they are published .I often forget what I have made as I'm always knee deep in projects .so, when I am in the magazine ,it really is a great surprise. I sit with a cup of tea in my favourite chair and slowly I go through the magazine,savouring the moment I see my work.

Every since I can remember I have always wanted to have my work immortalised forever in a book. I know I'm sounding rather dramatic but its really meant a lot to me. I come from the world where everything was learnt through books. When the library was the biggest source of knowledge .I read encyclopedias and used dictionaries. The days before computers were  "de rigeur" , It is all so very different now, that's not a bad thing, progress is great but a little sad for someone like me. (
OK, I will stop now , as I have just re:read this and I sound like a old lady talking about the good old days. )
I guess what I m trying to say is having my patterns published makes me extremely happy. The styling is so fabulous, my work comes to life,  it tells a story.My work becomes whatever you want it to be. A picture really does paint a thousand words.
This wonderful top is in issue 43 ,look she is wearing my bracelets. All these images are from Britt Spring This photographer takes the most amazing images, she captures things that we should see. That is such a skill, her work is amazing. She is the lead photography for Inside Crochet and she makes all our work come alive. Thank you Britt.

 For more wonderful styling  check out Claire's blog.


  1. And so you should be very proud of having your work published. I think it's fantastic!
    I know we must move with the times etc etc but I still hold a torch for flicking through pages of a book.

  2. I think your patterns are awesome and you are a very clever lady, you must be so proud to be featured so often in Inside Crochet, it really is a proper good read, always value for money and always makes me smile when I see a pattern from you in there. Go girlfriend!!! ahem, think I've been watching too much ricki lake again :o) xx

  3. That's really beautiful, I love it, and yes you should feel very proud and very excited, I would be if I had some of my work in print ... one day!
    Em xx

  4. How fantastic to have your work published! You a should be very proud. The friendship bracelets are gorgeous.
    M x

  5. The friendship bracelets are adorable and I think its awesome that you are getting your patterns published in a magazine! Go You!

  6. How wonderful to see your patterns published! That's fantastic. I like the bracelets very much, they really are gorgeous.

    Gillian x

  7. So very to have your work published, and such a pretty bracelet!! Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog as I have now found your lovely blog and I am looking forward to spending many more happy hours here. Wishing you a very lovely week xo

  8. How fabulous to be published. I love the brackets, they would make lovely gifts. Deb x

  9. Wow it's really cool i like these! thanks for sharing! friendship bracelets