Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be happy seem s to be a feature on many blogs .A great idea that you find three things that make you happy .For me today its things I have bought over the weekend.

1.BC Garn is a Danish yarn company founded in 1972. They pride themselves on being kind to nature - they have beautiful organic yarn and try to use gentle dying processes which have the lowest possible impact on the environment. They are very reasonable priced I bought mine from one of my favourite shops Nest
This is a soft silk yarn 100% silk with a slubby matt finish .I have not used this before .I was drawn to the texture ,I love that it looks like a pair of jeans. Its perfect for his highness .I have the perfect idea but cannot say as it is on the Christmas list. Yes, I did say that dreaded word. I know we are only in august but I'm sure you'll agree time really does fly and it really isn't too early to start. I have so many things to make and so little time.
2. Malabrigo. Malabrigo yarn is hand dyed in Uruguay. They specialise in super soft merino hand dyed in a rainbow of beautiful colours - some semi solid and some variegated. The range and depth of colours is outstanding and wait until you feel it.... so so soft. I'm halfway through a new design and even if I say so myself it is looking pretty good. This yarn is a dream to work with.
3.I love all things PIP studio , fabulous isn't it??? .I popped into a shop and low and behold look what fell into my basket .It is a laptop bag for my lovely VAIO but I have decided that it will have two purposes .When not being used by my laptop it will be filled with lots of lovely yarn, so I can double my feelings of happiness.

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