Thursday, July 11, 2013

Florida 2013 Plants

We have been back from florida two weeks now and I am still so very happy, nothing like a holiday to recharge the very drained batteries.
 I have taken so many photos I don't know where to start .I've just realised while viewing my pictures just how much I love plants it seems Ive taken so many pictures of them. I have decided to post them in sets .

 I love this tree it looks like it is covered in fleece

Isnt it funny how a picture is worth a thousand words.


  1. Whoa, what wonderful photos. It all looks amazing!
    Your right, a holiday is simply the best way to recharge our flagging batteries!

  2. That tree is the weirdest thing ever, I love it and now want to know what kind it your plant pictures, love going abroad and seeing all the different stuff that grows...happy getting back to normal xx

  3. What a riot of colour, textures and shapes. Marvellous inspiration.