Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Venus Jewels Pattern , Issue 41 ,Inside Crochet magazine

This is my latest design in the months issue of Inside crochet ,41. I still cant quite believe how wonderful the styling makes my designs come to life.The model is stunning.I love the outdoorsy (I know this is incorrect spelling but you know what I mean) I love this set of pictures.
Botticelli’s painting of the ‘Birth of  Venus’ .was my inspiration .Venus is also the goddess of love, beauty perfectly apt for a wedding set..
A great introduction to crochet with bead. This flexible pattern can be worked in any yarn type.Make them in the colour of the bridesmaids dresses  as a special momento for them of that special day.
This pattern uses Rico designs Maxi mercerized cotton,magazine available online here and in most supermarkets, and newsagents.

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