Thursday, May 09, 2013

BonBon Necklace pattern link


The inspiration for my Bonbon necklace happened when I was shopping in Covent Garden, London. I stumbled upon an old fashioned sweet shop .With.row upon row of beautiful coloured sweets,it reminded me of beautiful balls of yarn. Needless to say I had to buy my favourite lemon bonbons .
The pattern was published in Inside Crochet magazine,(I hope you can believe it but I'm not sure what issue it was in.)I'm now selling the  pattern for £1.00

It uses so little yarn you can use all those scraps yarn we all have .This is a quick and easy pattern that is adaptable.Made smaller beads, thread on a shorter necklace and make bracelets and pile high.You could also made any entire necklace of crocheted beads..If you add more rounds they look wonderful on as baubles on a Christmas tree . The list of possibilities are endless.

Pattern available here

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  1. Have you thought about making crochet macaroons ?