Saturday, May 04, 2013

Pompoms and feta with chilli

 I have been away from blog land for far too long,whilst I have not been posting I have still been lurking, peeking ,reading my friends blogs but just have not found the time to comment. Forgive me. Sometimes I really don't feel I have anything to say.Life simply gets complicated.Time is flying by.
   I have to confess,  I have been very busy designing. Sometimes you simply have to crochet . I have been playing around with my pom pom maker from clover, happily using those odds and ends in my stash.There is something very addictive with making this spheres of colour. I feel like I'm back at primary school decorating my parents Easter cards.
 This morning ,saturday ,I turned on the telly to watch my beloved Nigel slater. That man never fails to get me going. I read his books at night it is my bit of food porn.He is such a wonderfully descriptive writer he makes me salivate. anyway, I just had to make this delicious snack  today
 Hardly a recipe. Chop a few chillies, I leave the seeds in I like spicy food, Fry in some olive oil , add two chopped spring onions, a handful of coriander and the leaves off a sprig of thyme. Fry these lightly then add the feta cheese , to warm through coat with the  spice mix. Next time I will pop some cumin seeds in the oil before i fry the chilli or perhaps some  mustard seeds.All in all Ive had a very relaxing, comforting day.
Serve with crusty rolls .This was so good, very simple ,it soothes the way only warm cheese does but also tingles those tasterbuds .This is something I will be making again.
Making both these things means Ive had a very relaxing, comforting day.

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  1. My grandchildren and I are very fond of making pom poms. I too used to make these at primary school. A very good way of using up odds and ends of wool.
    Your feta cheese snack looks very yummy, one for me to try I think!