Saturday, March 02, 2013

Dishcloth anyone?

I have been watching channel 4s Obsessive Complusive Cleaners series and now all I want is one of those fabulous people to get into my home and help me get a clean ordered house.I have been obsessive about cleaning in the past hoovering up to ten times a day. Cleaning manically day in day out. I cleaned until I slept as I am an insomniac you can imagine how much I cleaned .The slightest mark, or cushion placed a fraction off would drive me insane. To me bleach, carbolic soap,vim, was the sign of a clean home .I loved it when hospital smelt of bleach and disinfectant, we now know it is harmful but back in the day it really did mean your house was clean if it smelt of these.Does anyone else remember???Isn't it strange that all those chemicals are now said to be harmful and yet the incidents of "superbugs,killer bugs" was almost non existent.

The series is wonderful and gives  great insight into this illness.Im hooked and urge you to watch.I m not able to clean as I once did my health prevents it, however I do my best .
I have been making tons of  dishcloths as you can never have enough to clean the house. The centre of this square is from this blog. such a pretty square , I added 5 rows of dc border .1 row of 1tr ,1ch skip 1 and a loop to hook. Now , Im off to find  someone who will clean for  handmade organic dishcloths.


  1. My sister in law knits all of her dishcloths. Yours are brilliant!