Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cerchio scarf

I have been very busy.It was my birthday and what a ball I have had. I been whisked away for a very posh weekend,Ive wined and dined with  my family and with some of my favourite friends. I have decided that it is now time to stop celebrating. My birthday was 25th July so I'm sure you will agree , the party is well and truly over. I am now on day two of a healthy eating plan. It is very easy ,you just stop drinking wine and then you don't over eat because you are slightly worse for wear.!!!!!!!

This is my latest make it is called Cerchio which is Italian for circle, sounds so lovely in Italian don't you think? I have written the pattern and I  have just added it to my ravelry page, I used drops alpaca from this great shop The Crochet Chain. a fabulous shop in waltham abbey filled with all manor of crochet goodness. Mister drove me up there and I had a ball , no pun intended.

 The inspiration for this scarf came whilst on holiday with my family in Florida's Disneyland.A wonderful escape from reality. The colours are so vivid so very exciting.I felt I was in a huge yarn shop on steroids.
 The circle motif came from these trees  in the wonderful' Land of DR Seuss ' which resembles balls of yarn ,don't you think?

 My goodness, just looking at these pictures makes me happy such beautiful colours everywhere.I ate far too many of these flavoursome Jelly Beans.
 This was undoubtedly one of the best days of my life I spent whilst in Florida.Camera posed and notepad ready I was inspired everywhere I turned. There is nothing like a theme park to bring out the child in me.I oohed and ahhed and shrieked with delight at almost every thing. I drank deliciously silly  snoozeberry slush puppy drinks because they looked so pretty.I urge you if you can  please do try and visit Disneyland, it is better than tonic.
By the way aren't team GB doing fab?I love the Olympics


  1. The Olympics are brilliant, I've sat and watched so much that I've been able to crotchet many granny squares and knitted some squares for my blanket as well.
    Your scarf is lovely, such gorgeous colours? I love the yarn, my granny squares are made wth drops yarn too.
    It's also lovely when you have such a great birthday treat!

  2. Oh your scarf is just beautiful! I love the design and the colors you chose so much! :)

  3. Hi, I have started the cerchio scarf pattern but don't understand the second line after the chainrow. Can you explain in more detail. Where do you put the 3 trebles and which circle are you the referring to?