Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarn therapy

 Drops karisma

 Semilla extra fino, lime, teal and aubergine
 Koigu, I have in fact bought some others but could not wait long enough to take pictures and just had to crochet with it. I have nearly finished. Koigu is so beautiful.
 These jolly colours drop safran I have never used this yarn before I'm just making some facecloths for my newly decorated bathroom.
 Lace noro, this stuff you either love it or hate it.I have no idea what to expect with this colourway i guess that is the beauty of noro, you never quite know what you are going to get, that is part of the fun especially with all this awful weather, a ball of noro, a hook , a pot of tea and away you go.
 Drops lace this stuff is so soft  I have made a shawl in this stuff in  soft pink and it is delightful
 This is a group shot
 I love malabrigo so soft
Can anyone help I have changed from the old blogger to new layout and I have no idea how to delete pictures I don't need in blog post, as you can see i have two pictures the same and I have no idea how to delete.Thank you in advance, if you can help.

In case you desperate to buy some yarn I  bought my stash from two shops .Loop in Islington and The Crochet Chain in  Waltham abbey are the two shops , but beware you will buy much more than you need.


  1. What beautiful yarns! I just love them! Sometimes I wonder if there is anything else I'm dying for! :)
    For your question on how to delete a picture in your post: Just click (normal left click) on the photo to select it, a line menu will show on the bottom of the pic, you select "remove". Done!
    Hope this help.
    Best wishes, LS