Thursday, May 31, 2012


It has been a bit of a mad couple of weeks the company  KAL Media/All Craft Media (ACM), produced Inside Crochet (the company also publish Handmade Living, Simply Beautiful, Modern Quilting, Sew Hip, Yarn forward I can't quite remember all the titles.)I received an email  saying the company has been liquidated again.Again?????Aparently, KAL Media was voluntary liquidated about a year ago and taken over by ACM. Kal Media was owned by Kerrie Allman and ACM was owned by her husband. It's since come to light that this time it's not a voluntary liquidation but a forced administration.

This thread on Ravelry covers recent developments and this thread gives an all over history of the whole sad affair and yes, it is totally unbelievable. 

I cant believe this evil woman is not in prison, people have lost their jobs, their livelihoods , she has stolen people's work and sold them on without designers permission.She has caused too much upset and hurt so many people (staff, designers, other contributors, readers, subscribers, lace & sock club members, indie dyers, other companies they owe money to everyone ) and I'm glad she has been stopped.
That woman is quite simply a thief and she should be prosecuted for all of her acts.Her parents must be very ashamed of her and her children must be so embarrassed that mummy is a cruel, lying cheating person, what a role model. I don't know how she sleeps at night. Ok rant over, but honestly she is evil.

I leave you with a few pictures taken on Thursday when we stopped the car on the way to Richmond .I have bought a new DLSR and I love it ,It is quite complicated and I am still learning but they aren't looking too bad.Oh, and by the way that coconut was simply lying on the river bank. The yarnie pictures are of a Solomon's knot scarf made in a day it is so very satisfying as it is so quick. The yarn is schulana kid mohair bought from my trip to florida. It is like kid silk haze but it has the added bonus of sequins in the yarn , sounds tacky but it looks very tasteful. It is very long, and so warm cant wait for winter.

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  1. Her parents are far from ashamed of her, I assure you. Her mother worked for KAL (selling advertising), then for ACM, and now for the new company, Craft Magazine Shop. Kerrie was the sole director of KAL, her husband was the sole director of ACM and now her FATHER is the sole director of Craft Magazine Shop. They would appear to support everything she does.