Thursday, April 26, 2012

Granny wheel square

I have had my eye on this square for awhile.I have not blocked it merely  put some pins in to show the pattern.It is such a beautiful square.I have made it  with a cone of cashmere I have had forever, thread weight, hook 2.5mm.

The reason i have had this yarn for so long is I have no idea what to made with it. It is beautifully soft , luxurious and I regularly get it out and rub it on my face, yes, I know I'm crazy but it is cashmere, however it is so very thin and would take forever and a day to make something with it. I have just had a thought perhaps I will wind some off and double it. I don't know why I have not thought about doing that before. I normally make squares in cotton as the stitch definition in cotton is so perfect but I really want to use this yarn.

Pattern from here
Row 1: 5 ch, close the ring with a slip stitch
Every next row starts with 3 ch to replace 1 dc, and ends with a slip stitch around the first dc.
Row 2: “1 dc, 1 ch” 12 times
Row 3: “2 dc, 1 ch” 12 times + 1 extra slip stitch to reach next ch
Row 4: “3 dc, 1 ch” 12 times + 2 extra slip stitch to reach next ch
Row 5: “4 dc, 1 ch” 12 times + 3 extra slip stitch to reach next ch
Row 6: “4 dc, 1 ch, 4 dc, 1 ch, 4 trc, 2 ch, 4 trc, 1 ch” 4 times
Row 7: (grey) 1 dc between each dc of row 6, 2 dc around each ch of row 6 and at the corners 2 dc, 3 ch, 2 dc

Enjoy ,I certainly did I'm off to wind off that cashmere, I post results once I had made another square.

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