Monday, December 05, 2011

Inside Crochet issue 23

In this month's Inside crochet magazine issue 25 I am very lucky to have to designs published, what a treat .It still thrills me everytime I see my name in print.As with all I make I like to make simple things.In a life filled with so many distractions it is so important for me at least, to crochet stuff that can fit in.
The first design is a unisex cowl.It features a mock cabled pattern made in chunky alpaca.The second design is my colourful shawl.I love this, it is made in what I think is a gloriously happy yarn, mini mochi .It is so bright and beautifully soft, simple to make.Both designs are simple to make and are great quick last minute xmas gifts.
Do check out the magazine it is filled with lovely things to make and read .It is available in most supermarkets ,whsmiths and all good newsagents and of course online.I have been thinking lately about taking out digital subscriptions.I' m a great lover of books and love the feel and smell of a book, however space is so limited in my home that I have too many books and magazines.Yet, I'm still not sure I will enjoy my magazines digitally, have any of you switched over? I have a kindle and I love it but I still find myself ordering books ,i wonder how long it takes before I fully embrace the digital era.


  1. Wow! I love the colourful shawl, you're very clever!

  2. Congratulations on having your designs published.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, maybe if we keep our heads down and keep crafting on the stress of Christmas will ebb away!

  3. Really looking forward to making your cowl. Helen

  4. Hi
    I have started making the rainbow ridged shawl and I like the pattern very much but it is coming out square but the pic at the top of the pattern seems much flatter - I'm not sure what is going wrong - can you help at all please? Any advice very much appreciated:0)
    Thank You in advance
    Sue Pinder

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  7. I had the same problem as Sue , I don't know if you replied but after pulling out my shawl project 4 times I finally figured out where it was going wrong.
    You need to crochet 3 treble crochet (3 chain as first TC) into the first stitch both at beginning and end of each row..
    I'm now about 10 rows into my 5th and hopefully finally attempt. It is looking triangular now ;)
    I hope this helps Sue and anyone else wondering.