Sunday, November 20, 2011

Drama and drops alpaca

Is it me or is time flying by?every day seems to roll in to the next and I don't seem to be getting any further in anything I have in my 'to do' list. We have had a few mad weeks .My daughter had a sore throat that turned into tonsillitis and ended with her been admitted into hospital with a severe allergic reaction to penicillin. Her reaction was so extreme we could have lost her.I'm glad to say it ended very well and she is now back at home and knee deep in her second year of A levels and applying to uni's.We are all so very relieved and very happy.
I'm sure you have noticed my new stash of yarn I have been very naughty, but it is all necessary I needed to steady my nerves after all that drama with my baby.Its Drops alpaca, so soft and so very nice to crochet with.Very cheap for 100% alpaca.They are all destined to become xmas gifts but I'd better get my act together as time is flying by. I would like to say to all my friends I am sorry for lack of contact but as I have mentioned life keeps getting in the way but you are always on my mind.


  1. Life is what happens while you are busy crocheting/crafting.

  2. oh dear, I'm so pleased your daughter is recovered now Helda, what a worry that must have been for you all...
    very pretty alpaca yarn :)

  3. My husband is also allergic to penicillin, can be really really nasty. What a worry!
    Time is definitely not standing still. I can't believe christmas is just a month away. We may have made the cakes in this house but basically that's it.

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