Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Crochet Socks

I spotted these motifs that you are supposed to hook onto bracelets.I bought them to use as stitch markers.Can you believe they are only £1 for two.They are from Primark

I have tons of Regia yarn . This yarn is from Kaffe Fassett range. The last sock I crocheted came out pointed at the heel, and it was very tight at the instep, there is no' give 'at all.I'm determined to find a pattern that will be OK. I buy so many magazines I have a enormous amount to read.I have had Interweave crochet for ages. I only looked at it last nite .Low and behold a pattern that caught my eye. The socks are crocheted sideways. They are very stretchy and I think they might be the one.I will post pictures as soon as Ive finished them.


  1. It looks very interesting and (in theory) should be the best way to crochet socks! Says me who has not tried yet. Looking forward to some kind of review!

  2. Great idea, Helda. I'm so gonna have a look at these "stitch markers" at Primark tomorrow...

    Thanks for the tip.


  3. What a good idea. When I knit socks I always find stitch marker so cumbersome.
    I also wish my knitting would grow as quick as your crochet. Since I've had my family staying, I seem to be struggle with my time management. Now they've gone, I I should be making better head way.

  4. A quick PS although sorry it's taken so long. Re: the blue flowers in your garden, my cousin informs me that they are indeed Forget me nots. I wasn't sure!