Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pain when I crochet

OK, I'll admit it I have crocheted so much my fingers ache. I have bought quite a few gloves ,potions, lotions, eye of newt ,etc etc....... none have worked and I have had to rest my knackered old hands by not crocheting.I don't know why my hand cant keep up with all my mindful plans.
I've had this glove awhile and I'm pleased to say it seems to help. It has a splint that supports the thumb and padding supports the wrist .I bought it from here.
The idea of not being able to crochet really frightens me,what would I do ?, it is my life. Non crocheters will think I'm exaggerating but it is true, crochet /knitting figures so largely in my life I would be devastated.The loss would be so great.
Over the last few years I have had lots operations with plenty of recuperation.The type that means you are in bed all day, every dayfor weeks and the thing that has been my saviour has been a ball of yarn and my hooks.Literally, they saved me from depression. At the same time I found blogs and I knew I wasn't alone. Therefore my mantra is 'Im a hooker til the day I die'. I know you know what I mean.


  1. I cannot tell you how great it was to read your post today Helda, not because you have sore fingers & hand....but because I have been suffering from a very sore thumb, which I think is partially related to crocheting :(
    I have not seen this glove before and it looks like it is just what I may need, thank you so much for posting the link here, I will see if I can get one and give it a try :)
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I hope your hand is soon feeling much better, I totally understand the thought of not being able to crochet I would be so sad too if I wasn't able to do this beautiful gentle art x

  2. Me too, painfull wrists and even an painfull elbow from crocheting ! And holes in my fingers as I crochet with a 0.75 and sometimes pick my fingers instead of the thread and I have callus on my fingers from the crocheting ... but can't live without it either ! Thanks a lot fot the tip, I surely will try, as resting is not an option :-)

  3. I love doing my knitting. As well as doing something creative, if I honest it helps me stay awake in the evenings so that I don't miss the "best bits" of the tv program I've been following.
    Painful fingers haven't given me a problem as yet but I will certainly bear your remedy in mind for the future.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your plight. I had a painful spell a while ago due to knitting. I managed to get by by reducing my time knitting, doing hand streching exercises and... getting into other crafts. Have you thought about learning something else ? If overuse of some areas gives you pain, changing the activity to another one that uses different muscles will rest the part affected but will keep you still crafting which is part of the enjoyment. I took paper cutting and went back to embroidering and sewing. Eventually I returned to knitting and now I recognise the symptons early on so I switch to avoid pain, it worked for me.

  5. Oh dear, I'm sorry you have been suffering. I hope the glove is a funky colour, by the way! I do yoga hand stretching exercises every so often when I crochet. I find that helps. My mum, who is 70, has been knitting for around 50 years and really suffers now so I am hoping that exercises will help. I too am a hooker til the day I die!!!! x

  6. Thank you so much for sharing that! I've only been crocheting for two years but I'm completely obsessed with it and my thumb already hurts. I'm going to give this a shot.
    You're so right. . .you are not alone! Have a great weekend,

  7. I hear you! And I am eager to hear more reviews of the glove after more use. I do a lot of repetitive motion with my hook hand at my job which ends up messing with my crocheting. Maybe I need that glove for pipetting!

  8. Tell you what. You might benefit from an ergonimic hook. There are several on the market, including (blush) the ones I make.

  9. Being a fellow crocheter I totally understand your frustration with your hands. I hope they feel better soon and that new bandage helps.

  10. I know someone who's currently taking a break from crochet as her hands hurt so much. I'll send her the link to your blog so she can maybe try one of these too. Got to be worth a go!

  11. Hi Helda...I found this site with exercises on it that might help. I don't personally suffer from any pain (yet) but I do these exercises regularly...before I start any crochet or knitting, and at intervals during. Of course, our hands are connected to the rest of our body so don't forget your general posture as this could put additional strain on the wrists and fingers.

    I also use these Chinese exercise balls....they make lovely chimes when you use them too!

    I hope this helps. x

  12. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog :-)
    Hmmm I get pains when I knit sometimes and it kills me to stop because of it!! Just have to learn to do a little less, and make I don't tense my fingers so much...