Sunday, February 06, 2011

I've been feeling down lately,not about anything in particular. I just seem to have a dark cloud following me around .Everything seems like such hard work.Cooking, cleaning ,working,being with people, even reading has been hard, but the one thing that helps me through is crocheting with colourful yarns, does that sound slightly batty?do you think it's the colour or is it the crocheting that alters moods? Im not sure but I am thankful that it does.

These four books I have had for years except for the crochet borders one, bought last year.I refer to these constantly.I thoroughly recommend them. "Around the corner crochet borders" and " Beyond the square crochet motifs" and The "Harmony guide to crochet stitches" are excellent books I love them because they have both the written pattern and the crochet symbol charts.If you have never used charts please do, I promise you will never want to go back to working with written ones.The symbols are universally recognised It means instead of trying to work out if a DC is in UK or US terms. The symbols clear this up instantly enabling you to have no problems with any pattern from around the world. so if you are buying crochet pattern books try and get ones with symbols you will be hooked(no pun intended).

I recently bought some thick pure wool in grey, ecru and black. The yarn is called LOPI alafosslopi made in Iceland.I bought it from Tricolette Yarn shop .I made this over the shoulder sac in one day, don't you just love a quick project?First I made a rectangular base then I crocheted around the four edges of the base placing stitch markers at the four points .I crocheted in the round, making sure to make 1tr, 2ch, 1tr in those four corners, this ensures the bag is rectangular .The two thinner parts form the handle ,one would become the flap. I did this with a large crochet hook and put it into the washing machine to felt.I wanted a dense thick fabric. I have only washed it once and I'm very happy with it. I used a belt buckle as fastener

A few years ago I made this cushion ,its made with thick parcel string. It is a little tough to work with but it is worth it .The string produces a dense, durable material. The stitch definition is beautiful . You can't really tell from the picture but it is a very large floor cushion .It has had plenty of use and still it looks as good as new. I love working with other mediums it makes crocheting exciting.I' ve worked with paper, plastic bags, wire, tights, foil, cords.I like to try with just about anything the results can be very surprising .

Friday his highness and I fancied a nighttime nibble.I made these delicious cheeesy nibbles and only remembered to take a piccie when we had only four left. They are so simple and uses only three ingredients cheese, flour, butter. they are so moreish the recipe is from the wonderfully colourful Attic24 . Enjoy we certainly did.


  1. I think probably its a combination of colour and crochet...both are lovely happy things Helda :)

    I am feeling quite inspired to make something following a symbol chart now after your advice, I tend to look at them and feel like running...but I so get the 'universally recognised' thing! I'm forever changing my terms as I learnt in UK terms and most of the patterns I read are US.

    LOVE your bag!!!! it's GORGEOUS!!!
    and I can imagine my kids lounging on a cushion like that in our lounge room, I love trying different yarns and strings too :)

  2. I agree 100 % about the crochet symbol charts - so much easier to read! And understandable in any language!

    The grey bag is really beautiful!

  3. I love that bag, you inspire me!



  4. Hi Helda,
    As I can see, despite our crochet passion, we also share the same feelings... I need to be more positive!!. I read somewhere in the net,(it was an article from the Mayo Clinic Hospital) that crocheting/kinitting is a good therapy wich can help us in stress, depressive episodes and many more.
    I agree with you that grafic patterns are the best.
    Sorry for my poor writeen english
    Regards from Spain