Friday, January 28, 2011

Im in love

Ok, I just could not wait to show you my latest make.As you know I love granny squares.I have stopped latest project to be unfaithful with this gorgeously soft bamboo yarn.
I started last night and just kept on going.I even love the snips I have actually kept them in a glass jar at the side of my bed just so can smile as soon as I wake, I told you. I am in love!

My work basket, can you see in the box along side my pink crochet lite hook is the cutest pink scissors.My lovely flowerpot pincushion. I know I have used acrylic (granny stripe blanket, scarf )and I have said it was nice to work with, but goodness me natural fibers are so much nicer.This is one sexxxy project.

Aren't they gorgeous. I picked the colours randomly and I havnt crochet them in ay order simply grab any colour.Im thrilled it seems to work.

I have tons of bamboo tape the gold is rowans.The damson and pink are wendy's pure all discountinued .
I bought them with no idea what I would make and suddenly that "eureka" moment and it all becomes so very clear .They are perfect in this project and whilst it is a tape yarn they work without adding any bulk

My cute scissors.Have a lovely weekend.Im off to fondle and caress my yarn


  1. LOVE all that yummy yarn. Yes, natural fibers are lovely to work with and I could just caress the skeins all day. Enjoy it all :-)

  2. Gorgeous yarn and you have chosen such beautiful colours....looking forward to seeing the finished article. Love the funky scissors too! x

  3. Oh this is going to be just Gorgeous!!!! love the colours you are using :D

  4. Wow, love those scissors, how cute.
    All those gorgeous yarns and colours, just makes me want to grab a crochet hook and get hooking.

  5. oh, that's so lovely, and gorgeous as well!

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  6. So many definition of love..I think your really in love..thanks keep blogging..

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