Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ive been shopping again some new double ended crochet hooks from the Knitpro range. Not sure what they are like to work with. I will post results .

Seven pink knitting needles also fell into my shopping cart .I now have the wooden painted one's, a set of the metal both of which are in the binder which was a gift from my cousin when she went on holiday to the States, a set of the brightly coloured ones and the new pink ones.I love these babies.

On the crochet front just playing with beads trying my hand to make a necklace. I went shopping at the weekend and spotted a similar necklace for £24.99. Made mine for under 3 pounds as the yarn was a sale purchase and I have heaps of beads. I must say I do feel great making something that saves money.
That leaves more money for yarn don't you agree?

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  1. I completely agree - too many stores charge silly amounts for items that can be made quite easily if people were to put their mind to it. Society has become a little lazy and often go for the store bought version as it's the "easy option". I get much more satisfaction from actually making something (plus knowing that I made it for much cheaper!)