Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Colour everywhere

The bag with blue handles came free in the June edition of easy living.Ive never bought this mag before but I'm a sucker for a free shopping bag.The other two are gifts from my eldest and they are used for yarn. It thrills me to look at the flowers and them look inside it it houses balls and balls of yarn. All yarn has a good home in my house.
Colour everywhere, The mad fabric in the background is my latest quilt cover is one made byFenn wright mason bargain from TKMaxx.I told you colour is every where.

This sis my latest buy.i know it looks like a paint colour chart.It's actual a poster called 'Christmas by Colour' a collabourative exploration into colours that shape our Christmas. Every colour has one word that decsribes the colour. Its very clever you can find out more here
The granny square blanket is one I made years ago hence the yarn looking a bit worst for wear but the blanket is so soft and comforting.


  1. What a colour explosion your photos are. Interesting the Christmas by Colour.