Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful yarn

This gorgeous bit of yarn porn is incredibly soft and so luxurious. You can purchase it from here.
I lurvvvvvvve working with yarn , Ive played around with quite a few. in my time!!!Ive stroked so many.I love most of my stash for different reason. Sometimes you love a yarn for it's colour or it could be the way a stitch looks in that yarn. Softness, warmth, squeezability,smell.I love to try all sorts . I love it just because it's yarn.But , everyonce in a while you come across a yarn that ticks all the right boxes. This yarn is one of those yarns. It is delicious.
The pattern is the same as my purple haze shawl I promise once Ive found the pattern i will post details.This shawl is for my daughter, she loves green.I added a darker stripe ,it too is green not brown as in photo. We all have long hair at home more than not tied up . There are so many patterns for crocheted flowers on the net I just picked one made this hairband with just 15g of yarn. A perfect practical gift along with her new Iphone.


  1. The Yarn looks very pretty. I love it, too. ;o)

    But at this time, it´s terrible, we have no money for yarn for me... :o( My husband must go work for our family alone, because i´m chronicel ill... :o(

    I wish you a good day and leave you lovely greets,

  2. Beautiful. I am always looking for shawl patterns.

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM