Saturday, February 28, 2009

Granny squares

I'm one of those people who if I learn to do something I want to do the best I can. I have to have every book in that subject. I never tire of learning more in my chosen subjects .Even I travel from my home in London to my home in the black country I must have at least three books,one all about crochet/knitting ,a cookery book and last but not least my current novel..
As you can image my home is filled with books, I don't understand just why I have to have all these books. If I where to read one every day it would take a few years to get through that lot.
I'm also a magpie with magazines, my bedside reading it now a stack that I could actually use it as a piece of furniture.Its like a stairway to the ceiling and if I'm honest I quite like it.I'vespotted a similar thing in a trendy modern website
I resolved to do something about it. I attacked them with strict determination and decided I would sort them until I started to wain and fail my mission, that would only lead me to pack them away again. Ive spent this morning sorting all my crochet and knitting magazine. I have so much.It is so hard to let go but I have to. I've been out of control ,so much so Ive managed it subscribe the the same magazine twice, but wait for it, I've keep both of them. See, I am mad.
On the crochet front I'm knee deep in granny squares. In my stash I have around 90 balls of Debbie bliss cotton in the above colours, don't they look wonderful. Got it for a bargain price .I have away to go but I'm completely hooked. I love the stitches in cotton it results with sharper,bold crisp stitches. I'm not looking forward to blocking these babies ,but I'm excited nevertheless. Watch this space for future updates.


  1. And I though I was bad with books and magazines. I DO understand you though.
    I did not block my crochet squares, but crochet them together on the back side and blocked the finished blanket. It was much easier. They are all the same size anyway. I too am hooked on crochet, even just for blankets. I just ordered some more yarn for a crochet blanket. :o)

  2. I really like your site, I am going to link you to my site.

  3. Thanks for the blog link! I'm am about to RATE YOU!!! YEAH!! I wish I knew how to make granny squares. I've always wanted an afgan like the one on the old TV show Roseanne! :D I am adding you to my blog list!


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