Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday boy

lite up crochet hook such a dream to use .the handle is broad and it lights up, Im still making the granny square throw. For once Im weaving in all the ends blocking very square and sewing up as son as they are ready,It's a postive step as I have been known not to join them and then it has no change Ive ever being finished

Hubbie's birthday has come and gone. It was all hands on deck to make the day special.Youngest made the chocolate cake,filled with a creme chantilly ,this is simply vanilla ,cream and icing sugar. I made crispy duck with pancakes for those who haven't ever had this.You fill the pancakes (which are steamed first) duck,shredded spring onions and thin strips of cucumber drizzled which hoisin,or plum sauce. I also made king prawns wrapped in filo these tasty morsels are fried and the you dip in whatever sauce I bought a mango sauce from wing yips chinese supermarket. Some chum soy steamed and smothered with oyster sauce, completed the meal.
Remember the hyacinths, the label said it would be a deep sexy pink,I think they put the wrong tag its soft pink. The scent is so lovely I've been buying myself flowers it makes me feel happy.

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