Monday, January 26, 2009


I really enjoyed myself this weekend. His Highness and I decided to shop late night on Friday in a bid to have a weekend of relaxation , when I say late night I mean late night 12.30pm onwards.We had a very pleasant shop. We had the pick of all the freshly laid out produce. The only downside to this is we did end up with far to many indulgences .People were scare so no 'excuse me' down the aisles, no battling for the shortest queue. I thoroughly recommend it.
Saturday was a lovely day relaxing , a leisurely brunch, newspaper, books, crochet more food,choccies .True relaxation. After recharging our batteries ,Sunday was filled with some retail therapy. Off to Bicester shopping village. It has been recently extended, even more temptation. L'occuitan, monsoon, Karen millan,the white company, Kath kit son, Ralph Lauren and much more all reduced.
We bought some treats and I headed as ever to book etc .I'm afraid Ive broken my pledge to not buy anymore crochet/knitting books. Whenever I see a ,bookshop that's it, all resolve disappears. As well as the above Ive got three more,but couldn't upload more in this post. I must simply stop .I have so many books to get through, I wish I could read whilst asleep,wouldn't that be fun?.

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