Thursday, January 01, 2009

New year 2009

Christmas has been and gone, I for one hate Christmas.Why you ask???Well for starters its so commercial, lots and lots of gift buying, far to much food and drink. Boring dull television.Having to endure being stuck with people all day. I'm always disappointed that I don't fulfill my resolution I make every year the one where I say I'm not going to buys gifts for Xmas until the January sales.Yet every year I find my gifts are always wrapped and under the tree.
OK, grump over, Happy New Year to one and all I do love the new year love auld land syne ,spent mine with all my loved ones a box of expensive chocolates,a glass or two Laurent Perrier pink champagne, a gold coin what more can a person ask for.
Although Ive slated Xmas I do love the excuses I have to indulge crochet and knitting. I have made loads this Christmas but I haven't been organised enough to take photos, these are few. First photo is the beautiful scarf for my brother,love the colours and the texture. I will be posting free pattern soon.
Second picture a pair of slippers .My own pattern really easy to make I will be posting pattern for it shortly.Made in rowan romance.

Scarf made in double crochet. yarn by lang mille colori beautiful colours .Beautiful

This is a quick knit large needle for the life of me I cant remember the pattern or needle size

These scarves are gifts,I collect brooches and have added these two .The beige one for my mum is made in cashmerino aran, the teal one made in rowan calmer for my consultant.I think the brooches compliment them. Im also making another beige one for myself and a bed jacket in kidsilk haze. I ever so busy and that's just how I like it.

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