Monday, September 22, 2008

More spoiles

Do you think anyone notices how much I enjoy Stephanie pearl-mc phee. It was lovely to listen to her at the iknit day.I really cant wait for next years. Do you want to hear something sad ? ?I didnt get my book signed, the queue seemed to go on for miles and there was so much yarn around, those who know me ,know that yarn affects me I become confused and I enter a trance like state, a few hours later I emerge with a trolley load of yarn . At the very first iknit day I sat and listened to Jane Waller fashions of the 1940s I cant tell you how much I enjoyed it. I love clothes from that era, fashion was very sexy, very flattering shaped.women looked like women .I purchased this book at this years event and I'm eagerly waiting for her earlier book which is being republished. If I could choose an era it would definitely be in the 40's . I am soooo going to make the top on the front cover, watch this space.
This beautiful piece of knitting has been created by Jannana a member of the crochet meet up.
Isn't it simply beautiful, at the event so many people stopped and asked about it and a few had asked to take a picture, I have been trying to encourage janaana to write out the pattern and sell it on ravelry. She has great talent at designing her clothes, I can only dream about such a skill.
Friends who knit and crochet are great people to go shopping with, they alone understand why I need the much coveted namaste holdall. The trouble is once youget home I did my usual show and tell, no matter how hard tried my girls couldn't understand why I needed it. In the words of Catherine Tate "Am I bovverred??'
I love my bag she sits very happily at the side of my bed , in the car, at the hairdressers, and even in the bathroom, yeah, I know my name is helda and I'm a crochetknitaholic.

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