Monday, July 07, 2008

I should be filling the blog with wonderful pictures of all the yarn I've been buying(If Mr is reading , any reference to new purchase isn't true, I have not bought new wool,promise, ahhm cough ,cough).I should also be filling the blog with my latest crochet meet up.All I want to do is show what Ive been making from nappy sacks. For the non mummies, nappy sacks are plastic small scented bags that you place a soiled nappy in. Yes, it is really necessary you really cant quite believe the things that little people have in store for you.
Well, I popped into the local 99p store and they had an offer two packets each containing 250 sacks. thought Id also share that my little people are aged 20 and 14 years old, so I really don't need them but I wanted them to create a new idea for recycling. The real reason I wanted them is that they come in very pleasing array of colours. Yes, I am that fickle. I did the usual treatment of turning them into balls of yarn and created these lovely granny squares. I have in fact, turned them into a bag .I will show pictures asap. I 'm really rather proud of it.
Every since I attended the hyperbolic crochet coral reef workshop it has made a great impact on my plastic consumption, I do try my best to recycle, every little helps.

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