Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ripple blanket

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Progress o my ripple blanket is going really well, even with a broken wrist.Yes, I've broken my wrist ,how I hear you ask?? I have a large old fashioned heavy jam pan. The type that used to dangle on a hook over a roaring fire back in those good old days. well,the pan had other pans stacked inside them and I tried to lift them up and snapped my wrist. Searing pain,though the whole arm ,I used somevery colourful language and popped into casualty.I have a cast and cant knit ,but the hook is a different matter.

I'm so pleased with the results, its very warm,it feels so soft and Im loving it. Its very long almost touches the ground. I'm expecting my new bed , and this will be used for those moments when you lay on the bed and dont want to get in but you need to feel cosy, and my god does this fit the bill.

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  1. Helda, that is looking really pretty! Sorry to hear about your wrist though. Hope it mends quickly. xxx