Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I 've been thinking (yes, I do this from time to time)about this New year and my resolutions for the coming year. Before I do that ,I felt I ought to acknowledge the things I have achieved to date.We all too often talk about what we have to do and forget the things we have already achieved.

1. Started this blog.

2. Started the first UK food blog about food from the Seychelles .I have achieved quite a lot with this blog I have been mentioned on foodie list has also recognised my blog also this . I have joined the Uk food bloggers association. Having a food blog has opened many doors for me and I've very happy and proud.

3. I have knitted and crocheted all my friends and family gifts for Christmas.

4. I managed to get hold of a set knitpicks needles and dpns (the set I have is in a Filofax-like case. Also a set of Denise .

5. Made my first pair of socks ,swore I'd never do it again.

6. Attended my first stitch n bitch meeting.

7. Set up the London Crochet meet up, this has widened my circle of friends I love the meet ups.

8.Joined my first sock club http://socktopusclu.

9.Started project 365.

10.Learnt felting the results will be posted.

11.In September I become a mum with a daughter at university, I'm so proud.(This isn't really my achievement but it feels like one.

12.Learnt to crochet with wire and to crochet with beads.

13.I'm pretty good at complicated lace patterns (just don't talk to me).

I'm sure there are other things but I cant remember right now. Reading my achievements has left a smile on my face.Whenever I have one of those my life is meaningless moments I'll read this entry and look forward to the achievement in 2008.

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