Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today has been a day from hell.This morning I had the electrician round turns out he has come with the wrong fuse board and will have to come back later .He has no idea when, as its so close to the weekend????????????What does that mean, does he not have access to a shop to purchase said board. Oh, no she said.i have to get the OK from his guvnor.That was the whole morning taken up.

Moan number two. i have spent most of this evening trying to fathom the world of the ipod,(computer says no!for those that watch little britain) I'm afraid it really is time to say adios to this bloody computer it gives me nothing but trouble.

Yesterday my daughter had her tooth extracted and have now developed a rash,doctor can not see her today, so she is suffering I dont know what to do, It is clearly one of those days when one should simply not get out of bed. But, at least I've finished the crocheted blanket.


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  2. Pick up the needles or hook, day will get better. :) Your blanket looks great and didn't take long. How big is it?