Friday, December 14, 2007


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I adore high heels I have quite a few, my other half might disgree, but I love them. I'm feeling a bit sad today .Been to hospital and things are a bit bleak, so I've taken out my pretty shoes just to remind myself who I am.

I realise that might sound silly but anyone who has been in hospital understands that you do lose your indenty.
You become the illness and are no longer a person. Pill and potions you are expected to swallow is quite a feat.Consultants who have swallowed thesaurus's talk to you, and you are expected to understand. Did I ask the right question s?

The day seems to whizz by and out you come with more eneteric coated pills,I'm so tired and very weary but I'll be right as rain in the morning but for now I'll have my shoes on in bed, yes I will wear them in bed with my nightie, a box of tissues and even larger box of belgian choccs.


  1. Helda, sounds as if you need a hug. I've had my fill of hospitals in the past and know exactly what you mean. Lovely shoes are a good way to make you feel like you again. Take care of yourself. Susie xxx

  2. Hey mum, read ur blog and yeh i too agree, shoes are a great way to cheer urself up. Just remember we all love you and this is just a foggy patch.Keep up the good work. xxxxxx