Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Look at these ,I wear very conservative clothes. I wear black, black and sometimes brown that's it. If I need colour I add a glorious brooch, colourful scarf and if its cold a hat. But something happens when I see yarn ,suddenly I'm drawn to colours I'd run a mile from normally.It beckons even more than my beloved tipple Jack Daniels and coke (smooth).

After a show I love going through my trolley ,yes people, I use a trolley at every yarn show I attend, its the easiest way to carry all those beautiful balls of heaven.I've never used a trolley except as a child with my mum.

Picture the scene, its Saturday afternoon, its sunny and beautiful outside, I'm dressed in the latest in thing it was a Bay City Rollers body suit (well it was fashionable at the time).The latest shoes with two buckles , white patterned socks,A beautiful ponytail, and a bloody trolley. I was so ashamed at that awful piece of equipment.I vowed never ever to have one when I grew up .

And, I didn't until one year at Ally pally , my arms were aching, an elderly lady said I should get a trolley .No way, I shrieked, however,a few years later and with ever increasing pain, I bought a fashionable marks and spencer foldaway black ,very styliss trolley, it doesn't remotely resemble those horrid tartan solid trolleys off old. In fact, I have converted quite a few yarn freaks in to buying this very sensible piece of yarn equipment. It gets emptied and fold away until the next show.

I love emptying the trolley and sitting down to smell and rub and touch my purchases the latest one I love is this indigo moon soft and knits and crochets very nicely.I have not decided what to make yet, so I'm just playing with it . So much yarn, so many colours I'm so happy at the moment surrounded by colourful balls of yarn.

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