Friday, November 23, 2007

How to hand felt

Finally, after missing previous lessons in the wonderful craft felting, we did it yesterday and what a day. It was great fun and very hard work.I didn't realise that it would be so labour intensive.These are the wool tops in such pretty colours. There are many ways to felt this is just one example.
You need wool tops in a variety of colours, , two pieces of cotton in this case unbleached cotton.

I used navy blue as a base cover, you start fluffing the wool tops, really shredding the fibers into thin fluffy strands. Cover the sheet completely with a thick but fluffy layer of wool. You can get equipment to do this ,its called carding. you continue doing this added as much colour or as little as you like. Be bold , on reflection I will do this again and throw caution to the wind and go mad with colour.Make patterns, shapes.

Now , wet this fiber with a mixture of washing up liquid and hot water,add the second piece of cloth on top, and start rubbing in small gentle circular movements. Do this for a really long time I recommend wearing thin plastic gloves, its kinder to the hands.Do this until you are able to peel the bottom sheet off, you know when its ready as the fibres matt and meld together and the sheet is pealed off easily
This is Michelle's piece such beautiful colours .You continue rubbing the other side until you are able to remove the sheet. It does take time bear with it ,its worth it.
This is my piece, the cotton removed, it now has to be washed to help thicken the fibre do this in hot water and gently massage Be careful as it could matt together and form a ball.Suddenly, the fibre becomes a fabric and it thicken and feels lovely. Now, wash out all the washing up residue and wring out carefully, open out and let it dry. You can now use this as a fabric I might try to machine embroider I hate it but I might give it a go. I'd like to turn this into a crochet hook holder. I'll post the results asap.

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  1. That's so pretty and looks great fun, albeit rather hard work with all that rubbing! Are you doing a craft course?