Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lace scarf

Progress on my scarf is good. I'm using the fabulous smooshy 'dream in colour' yarns available from socktopus I bought some Louisa Harding coquette in the same shade. My daughter (19) remarked that it was very " in trend', whatever ,(Her fave word at the moment)These kids think that everything we ought to wear has to be in season an in fashion, I for one am very happy to wear unfashionable colours and trends just as long as I like it and is looks good. Sod fashion, what do you think, OK so ,no i wont prove the point and wear that lycra dress with shoulder pads but you get my drift.

P.S; (I've just re read this and I sound like my mother, I'm official old, you've got to be if you find things your mum said is right)


  1. This looka amazing, I will have to check out the Lousia Harding yarn

  2. HA!! My mum tends to tell me that things are "in trend" despite the fact that we are both somewhat in the "wear what is comfortable and doesn't make you look like you just slept in a bus shelter" camp!