Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Knitpicks dpn

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Have I ever mentioned that i love my knitpicks needles I have the complete set and now I have the dpns purchased from Get Knitted. I 'm not sure why, generally I prefer to use wooden needles. I love the way they feel when you hold them, organic . But, with the knitpicks they are smooth ,tapered and divine.

Now that they have a new range patterned wood .I guess I 'll love them too. so, yes that's right I'll have to get them.

Once again I'm addicted to ravelry . I'm having a ball. I'm making friends and it really is a virtual world.My daughter used to spend quite a lot of time on msn . I moaned and told her please read more, be creative please do anything but sit on the computer. She now moans at me for doing the same thing. How ironic is that.

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