Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ravelry unravels my mind

Ravelry, ravelry ,ravelry thats what seems to be on my mind.Last night I couldnt sleep(whats new) my fingers were aching from crochet,and knitting.I'm trying to do two projects at the same' I got up laptop called me(believe me it does speak to me).And its ravelry to the rescue. For those of you in you 'll understand why If you arent in get your name on the waiting list .

Its a knitting and crochet utopia, I love the mindless hours I can spent browse at others truimphs.It enables you to keep notes on items youve made, are making and what you'd like to make in the future.You can record all the needles you have, even though I cant be bothered to sort through the dozens I seem to have amassed of the years. All in all you have got to get in ,so go on click on the link and you are in, or not until you receive that invite.whoopee

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