Friday, October 19, 2007

Crochet loves knitting

This hat incorporates my two favourite crafts ,just the way it should be crochet and knitting living together in perfect harmony. (Does anyone remember the Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson song 'Ebony and ivory") .The hat goes with a motif scarf which still needs to be sewn up, this hat is knitted with crochet motifs .Its made from baby alpaca. The shimmery yarn is Louisa Harding coquette it has beautiful sequins running along the yarn.I am writing out the pattern, its my own design I will be posting it on my blog and ravalry.My daughter says its extremely warm and she likes the fact it covers her ears.I've been looking at lots of hat patterns and may of them don't cover the ears ,so I deliberately designed one that solved that problem.

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