Monday, November 20, 2006

grilled fish

grilled fish
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My parents are from the seychelles I grew up on fish.I adore fish and one of my fav ways of cooking it is poisson grille(grilled fish)This is my mum's recipe delicious.

large mackerel , gutted and flesh slashed, keep the head on.
100grams onions finely diced,
garlic,20 g ,ginger 10g,hot bird's eye chillies 5g, all should be finely chopped.
Salt and coarse ground black pepper should be use to season the fish.
Mix all these ingredients together in a bowl and moisten with a little soy sauce and fill the slashes of the mackerel with this spicy mix.
Squeeze some lemon juice over.Place under a hot grill turning over so that both sides are grilled to your liking. Before serving squeeze a little lemon juiceover, Serve with rice and a simple tomato salad.

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