Monday, December 07, 2015


Hope you are well ,no doubt you are feeling the chill in the air.  Oh my giddy aunt , its almost that time again.  I will not say the word as lots of us are feeling under tremendous pressure every time the word is uttered . Are you ready? , certainly my daughter is ready , my brother has bought all his gifts.
I am not ready.
I'm sure you have noticed my beautiful poopy brooch . Made out of glass from a lady I found on instagram @flamingbeads. Beautiful workmanship ,she is  a true artisan. The detail is so amazing .Incidentally, she makes gorgeous stitch markers that I have ordered I will share as soon as I get them.
Every year I try a give everyone a handmade goody .This yarn is a thick super chunky yarn. All you need is a large 10mm hook and away You go. It is deeply gratifying working with thick yarn, a cowl can be made in a matter of a few hours.
The burgundy yarn is from  Araucania  .I can't for the life of me remember  the name as I threw the label away without writing it down , it is a discontinued yarn that I bought  some years ago . Araucania hails from Chile, these beautiful natural yarns are kettle-dyed to produce amazing tonal variations, with no two hanks quite the same.
This is one of my daughter's favourite colours but one I have never liked as it was the colour of my school uniform . I loved school just hated the fact I wore burgundy from the age of four until I was sixteen . However , this isn't for me so feelings set aside the yarn was finally  been used .  I  must say I quite like the colour and it will suit her perfectly.
I am a crocheter but I am also a sucker for knitted stitch. I adore it but it does take so long .The solution is provided by the fabulous  camel stitch, hump stitch.

In my stash I have a few balls of Rowan yarns , Big wool. One cowl  is red and black, a ball of each was used as I want to be able to fold it and wear red on the outside one day and black on the other as the moods take me. It is so squishy and so warm. Ohhhh, you really cant beat the properties of wool.

 I also had a skein of  BC garn Manu, a super soft baby alpaca ,again using my crochet amour 10mm hook. I am going to add another shade of blue from the stash to create the same two coloured  thicker cowl . I have edged the burgundy one with a lovely edging called Crab stitch

I am enjoying making these cowls, the stitch is quite addictive ,I had to order some more yarn .Good old drops andes to the rescue.  It is on sale at the moment. It is  such a lovely wool and alpaca mix at a fraction of the cost of the Big wool.  So far I have made three, a few more and  I can tick off things of the 'C' word list. I will add little brooches or buttons to make each a bit more personalised. 

I used this  wonderful pattern from Pink Milk a great blog. Do try this pattern I swear you wont be able to stop 


  1. I love quick pretty craft ups. The poppy is perfect for your cowls. !

  2. Love the poppy brooch, a beautiful embellishment for the stunning cowl. I am going to pop over and look at the pattern, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Helda, I love your cowl! So pretty! And that wool looks fantastic! I'm a huge fan of Rowan (I just took out a membership!) And I'm also using some fine Araucania lace yarn at the moment for my Fortune's Shawlette.

    Hope you are keeping well!
    Enjoy your crafting!!!
    Ingrid xx

  4. A lovely inspiring post...the cowl looks so soft and cosy! I knitted my daughter a jacket once in Big Wool...I think it would be perfect for a crochet cowl though! Good luck with all your 'C' preparations :)
    Helen xox

  5. I think they are gorgeous and I could swear they were knitted. I am going to give this a try as I have some beautiful chunky yarn that would look wonderful.

  6. Very pretty. It is freezing here today, coldest day yet, so these would be very welcome.