Monday, October 26, 2015

The Maltese Shawl

Hello dear friends,
Things have been very busy. I have been knee deep in  crochet design. I'm struggling with blogging at the moment .There is so much Id like to share but recently I'm having  problems with time management .

Way back in July, goodness me doesn't time fly? End of October already. I started  yet another project. This time it was a bit of mindless knitting. I needed something to keep me occupied in those endless hours of waiting at the airport , hotel transfers, waiting for your room to be ready ,waiting ,waiting, waiting. I do love a holiday but I often wonder why we all put up with the waiting.

 I am so glad I can fill those hours with crochet or knit. People often say they would love to have the time to knit/crochet they are so busy. It often makes me feel that somehow I'm lazy, as how on earth do I have the time to knit. Don't they understand that I have the same time constraints, commitments, but I  choose to use those moments that we all spend waiting , queuing a bit ore productively .

I always have a project close to hand to fill in those ten minutes. A row or two or even one or two stitches made in those moments means that I am actually doing more. In a bid to do even more I listen to books from audible in those boring queuing moments . If you haven't tried it yet I urge you to start ,cast on right now and pack it in your handbag.Every time you are waiting  do a row or whatever the time permits. you will be surprised at what you will make, you'll even look forward to the queues. Life is far too short , I'll sleep when I am dead as the old saying goes.

Well back to the shawl . Its a free pattern from good old Ravelry it is called  Like a leaf on the wind. I really enjoyed making this shawl .There is something very soothing about garter stitch , row upon row of mindless knit stitch. A bit of interest is provided with the lovely picot edging ,such fun.
I altered the pattern slightly leaving out the slit ,and I didn't want the picot edging on all three sides. I added a lovely tassels from this wonderful tutorial from Purl soho website. 
The yarn I used for this project is a gloriously soft and squishy yarn from Madelinetosh Pashmina. A superb 3-ply yarn made up of 75% superwash merino wool, 15% silk and 10% cashmere, a similar fibre blend to the woven pashmina scarves .I have had this  for ages it is now a discontinued colour. I was quite sad as I wanted to make a matching hat for my grandson. You would think I would  know better I usually have two skeins of yarn as I hate those pesky small shawls .I bought mine from  Loop yarn London.

As yet I have not decided if I should block it .I quite like the way it feels and looks unblocked. what do you think  to block , or not?
What are you making?


  1. I am with you, doing a little while you are waiting for other things mounts up to a lot. I crochet and watch tv, crochet and sit at work when we are quiet, read in the car and so on. Makes a difference doesn't it especially sitting in an airport when there really is very little else you can do! Your shawl is beautiful!!! Whether you block or not!!! Hope that you enjoy snuggling in it. I hope that you can sort out the time thing, I have reduced blogging a bit and that has helped, it is priorities isn't it! xx

  2. I love sitting in the airport, free to crochet or knit with no commitments and no one bothering me!

    I think we all struggle to find blogging time ... especially when we design. Sometimes it's hard to see all the projects other bloggers finish, when I am spending days or weeks just working out an idea or two that may not even get accepted for publication. And the ideas that do get accepted - we have to wait an awfully long time for that ta-da moment. But blogging and designing are both so fun and so satisfying (when things go right) that I'm not willing to give up either one.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog post. I've seen your name in crochet magazines for years, so it's very nice to "meet" you! :)

  3. Your shawl is beautiful. If you're happy with it unblocked then leave it like that. Once you block it you can't go back to being unblocked! I try to use all my waiting time doing something useful like knitting or crocheting.

  4. To block or not to block that is the question. I'm not actually confident myself, I'm never really sure if I'm doing it right. But, I do think, if you've made something and you're happy with it then, that's all that matters.
    ( Having read Gillians comment I think I need to research blocking on youtube again!)