Monday, August 03, 2015

Mindless crochet

Hello my dears,
I have finally returned to normal mode . I've stopped daydreaming about being back on the seafront . Feet in the sea sipping my mojito , ahhh . It was bliss , but I'm back to normal and of course normal usually involves spending money. The day we go on holiday the extractor fan in the bathroom conked out. I ve never really thought about the extractor fan until it stopped making that little noise . I never considered how much they do .it isn't until you come out off the shower to a misty steaming room do you realise the extractor is essential. Pleased to say man came round and very quickly installed a brand new quieter model. Whoopee .

I've been on a stash busting mission . I opened my cotton cupboard and delved into the cottony abyss .Peaches  and cream is an American brand that I bought way back in 2005 . I only know this as I used to be quite efficient with my yarn note taking. I'd write the date and place on the back of the ball band, that was yesteryear ,now it's all dumped into different fibre cupboards . My yarn stash is out of control I have fantasies that someone from Pinterest will come in and sort my stash . If you have never done this before I urge you to search "organise yarn" . You will feel inspired and if you're like me a bit depressed as the thought of organising your stash that way would probably take forever. Hehe !!

So what does a girl do?  Does she start organising ,de cluttering ? Of course she didn't she makes cup of green tea grabs her hook and does some mindless mandala dishcloths . This yarn is very thick and they are large sized . I'm made one for kitchen and one for the bathroom.what have you been making ??


  1. There is nothing like the luxury of crochet washcloths. Love the shape you have created.

  2. That sounds like a good plan to me. :) I love your washcloth, it's a really pretty design and you'll love using it.

  3. Hi Helda ,

    I love your funky coloured washcloths!!! They look great.
    Do you have a pattern that you could share?
    Funnily enough I also made a washcloth recently, it was the first one....
    I'm still very busy with making more rusticlacesquares (they are currently all over instagram! ;)
    Ingrid xx

  4. They're so pretty, a bit of luxury in the kitchen and bathroom.

  5. Brilliant idea. I love the pattern for them. I have been de-stashing by rounding up a lot of my yarn to donate and of course trying to use what I have, it is fun to try and shop your stash before buying more.

  6. I am trying to use up some yarn too before I buy more. Hats have been on my needles and I have a little project to make that I bought at yarndale last year. Would like to get that started and done before I head back there in September.
    I love your dish clothes, very bright and cheerful.

  7. Great idea to make some dishcloths, so useful and a great stashbuster! xx

  8. Oh these love divine! Good idea for stash busting. :) I put myself on a "yarn buying diet", so no new yarn until I used up most of my stash (which is hugggee).

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  9. Mandala dishcloths are a much better idea than de-cluttering. In a way, using your yarn IS de-cluttering. I've made some dishcloths too, have almost finished my big blanket and am well on the way to finishing a lace weight shawl.