Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lewis Blanket

It is getting nippy outside. Winter is my favourite season. Wrapped up in layers of yarn is my idea of heaven. I also think there is nothing better than sitting down with all my blankets , crocheted booties with  a cup of steaming drink, hook in hand making something with delicious natural fibers.
By the way these pots of joy are called Beanies. I love the Irish cream and the amaretto almond flavour, they are only 2 calories per serving. Bliss. You can buy online or in Sainburys.

 I made this blanket in a couple of evenings. I am quite sure I have mentioned more than once that I adore Drops alpaca silk, it is a mix of 70% baby alpaca (for the softness) and 30% mulberry silk (for strength and glossy shine). The fibres are untreated, which means they  are not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to being dyed. Drops Baby Alpaca Silk is great for baby garments, is soft against the skin, cooling when hot, and warm when cold.

Aside from the  great quality it is extremely wonderful value for money. The only negative is the fact that it must be hand washed . Im sure you could put it in the machine on those delicate cycles but I am far to scared to do that.

Baby Lewis enjoying a snooze

This pattern is a one row repeat that produces a very lovely texture. This one row also creates a wonderful scalloped like edging meaning once you finish it is ready .It looks wonderful when made in cotton
Drops alpaca silk 7 colours ; 2 medium grey, 2 light grey , 2 heather, 1 off white
4mm hook.
Pattern starts
Chain 140,  (multiples of 4 )

ROW 1; (1tr, 2ch, 1dc) in 4th ch from hook. * skip next 3 chs, (2tr, 2ch, 1dc) in next ch. Rep from * across.
ROW 2 : Ch 2, turn. counts as 1 tr. In the 2ch space of previous row make 1tr, ch 2, 1dc  . In every 2ch space make
2 tr, ch 2, 1dc to end. 

Repeat row 2 every row to end.

I have not mentioned when you change colour .I simply changed colour when the ball run out, obviously start new colour at the end of row, width is done to your preference.

Colour sequence is medium grey, light grey, heather, half a ball of  the off white, you can use the whole ball if you prefer, heather, light grey , medium grey.



  1. That is a really gorgeous blanket. I am going to print out the pattern right now as it will be really useful. It's good to hear about the Drops Alpaca and how nice it is. There are no yarn shops near me that stock Drops yarn so I couldn't ever feel it to see what it is like. Now I will be able to buy it and know how lovely it is. Now all I need is some baby to crochet for!

  2. It goes without saying that baby Lewis is a beauty!

  3. I love that blanket. You really whipped that up quickly! I have never tried that baby alpaca silk yarn, but I'll remember it next time I order from Nordic Mart. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Gorgeous baby and great blanket. I hope all is gong well now for the new parents and baby. x

  5. Blanket = beautiful
    Lewis = stunningly gorgeous!!!

    Sorry, Lewis wins this time! He looks incredibly happy wrapped up in the blanket though! xx

  6. Beautiful blanket and adorable Lewis, the perfect combination.

  7. What gorgeous photos and the blanket looks wonderful. I too will be printing the pattern as we have a new baby joining our family in the new year. I am impressed that you made this so quickly, no doubt when I make it it will take me days.

  8. Beautiful blanket and Baby Lewis is adorable.


  9. Hi Helda! What a lovely looking blanket, the pattern sounds really easy, thanks for sharing! :) Baby Lewis must like it, sleeping so beautifully! <3
    I've started to like Drops yarn recently since I've been using Alpaca Boucle by Drops, it's also incredibly soft! (I'm making a shawl with it).
    And yes - you must have crocheted that blanket incredibly fast!!!
    Well done!
    Ingrid xx

  10. I can't even speak, I don't know what's cuter, that blanket (which is just awesome) or Lewis, who is the cutest thing I ever did see :))) you lucky grandma xxx

  11. Love the blanket and Lewis looks as snug as a bug...P x

  12. Oh that is a pretty, cosy blanket, and young Lewis looks like he agrees!

  13. It's beautiful. I love the colours you used - they remind me of a neapolitan ice cream. x

  14. Such a subtle pattern Helda - why have I not been here before? I have made so many of your chakra scarves! Thanks for dropping by my blog. happy 'puffing' Jo x

  15. This blanket is lovely - I can't believe how quickly you made it!
    Thanks for sharing the pattern.